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Use of acrylic material in household goods industry
Dec 05, 2018

Some consumers who pay attention to household items will find that they can see acrylic in many furniture brands and home designs in China. The reason why they play a "regular guest" in people's daily life has played such an important role. The most important point is that there are many advantages of acrylic furniture.

Compared with glass, ordinary plastics and other materials, acrylic has the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxicity, good transparency, strong resistance and good corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is often used as a substitute for glass and can be used in harsh environments. For decades, in addition, acrylic has the characteristics of easy dyeing, easy processing, crystal clear appearance, and has a unique advantage in the home field.

It is understood that the color type, color type, toughness and hardness of acrylic materials are higher than glass. Currently, there are more than 40 types of acrylic plates for household products, home decoration and home hotel decoration, due to their superiority. Acrylic materials are gradually being widely used in household items such as acrylic photo frames, acrylic furniture, acrylic furniture accessories, etc. for many other materials.

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