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How to choose high quality acrylic products?
Dec 05, 2018

As acrylic products are more and more popular among merchants and consumers, the market is full of acrylic products with different prices and quality, but many merchants and consumers do not know how to choose a high-quality acrylic products. In order to avoid everyone spending money to buy back a bunch of garbage, here are some simple ways to choose:

1. Light transmission of the kanban surface: good acrylic products should have better light transmittance, and the transmittance can reach 92%. The acrylic products with good quality should have good light transmittance and transparency, and the surface of the board is turbid. The hairpin is definitely not a superior.

2, the color of the kanban: the edge of the acrylic material produced by the imported raw materials (the side of the board) should be transparent, if it is yellow, discolored, hairpin is definitely a defective product, the color of the board is too yellow, it should be recycled material produced.

3, the surface feel: by touching the acrylic products, if the acrylic surface is smooth, round, delicate, feel good, and not easy to leave traces of the finger is the best.

4. Listening to the sound: If you hit the surface or corner of the acrylic product, the sound is not crisp and the boring is true. If the sound is relatively crisp, the PS material may be impersonated.

5, test capacity: good acrylic products stability and bearing capacity is certainly better, within the standard load range, the object should be placed without deformation or distortion.

As long as you can purchase high-quality acrylic products according to the above inspection methods, you must also remember that "a penny and a share of goods" do not buy a bunch of inferior garbage because of cheap, no one will lose money. Business.

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