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How about acrylic furniture?
Dec 05, 2018

When it comes to furniture, people will naturally think of solid wood furniture, panel furniture, hardware glass furniture, and few people think of acrylic furniture.

In fact, the division of the above furniture is also the result of market segmentation. The development trend of furniture, one is popular, and the other is personalization.

Popular furniture: often represented by solid wood furniture and panel furniture, because the main material is the wooden materials and derivatives that humans have used for thousands of years.

Personalized furniture: industrial materials such as hardware, glass, plastics and finished products, which best represent the individualized tendency of furniture made.

As a leader in industrial synthetic materials, Acrylic has excellent transparency, crystal-like texture and rich color, which highlights the stylish and avant-garde style of personalized furniture. Acrylic furniture products appear, crystal clear, value for money, suitable for high-consumer people's requirements; its gorgeous colors can be matched with any children's furniture, complement each other; its transparent texture and changeable shape, is avant-garde The pursuit.

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