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Acrylic transparent pet box?
Dec 05, 2018

Advantages of the pet box acrylic material:

First, the aesthetic appearance of plexiglass: mirror effect, exquisite craftsmanship, no wrinkles, no seams;

Second, the visual effect of plexiglass: a variety of colors, strong visual impact;

Third, the translucency of plexiglass: the transmittance can reach 96%, the light transmittance is excellent, and the light is soft;

Fourth, the impact resistance of plexiglass: more than 200 times that of ordinary glass products, almost no risk of breakage;

5. Durability of plexiglass: The product has good protection for the built-in light source and prolongs the service life of the light source product;

Sixth, the weather resistance of plexiglass: can guarantee long-term non-fading, good quality of the plate for a long period of 6-13 years;

7. Flame resistance of plexiglass: no spontaneous combustion and self-extinguishing;

Eight, the energy-saving properties of plexiglass: light transmission is very good, relatively reducing the light source, saving electricity, reducing the cost of use;

Nine, the rationality of plexiglass: rational design and rain and moisture, open structure, easy to clean and repair.

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